Sydney Salesforce User Group – Christmas Drinks

November 12, 2015 Uncategorized

Talentforce sent out 10 requests for sponsors for the event and within 2 hours each and every organisation that were asked came back and wanted to support the user group, outstanding. Within an hour of sending the invite out half of the 130 attendees had already registered. Eight Thousand people attended Dreamforce in 2006 compared to 135 thousand in 2013. In 2012 Talentforce called on the emerging salesforce community in Sydney to share a coffee. It all started with 4 of us sitting drinking coffee like trainspotters talking about salesforce. The San Fran User group has 380 members , London, 400 so for Sydney to boast 430 people in the group it is clear we have a faster growth rate than Dreamforce itself. Not to mention the fastest growing group globally.

The past years events were showcased and included.

  • CeBit – A night with the declarative platform
  • Force Innovation Morning
  • Dreamforce – Dreamforce in an hour
  • Speed Date with the AppExchange
  • Salesforce implementation best practice
  • A guide to a career in Salesforce
  • We became the formal SSUG and joined the Success Community

Kevin Akermanis from dropped by to give the group a run down of the new Salesforce1 app and showcased Docusign’s new mobile application built on

Thanks to all our sponsors for the evening.

Docusign – Eitan Saban

Zuora – Ivan Kladnig

Train the Crowd – Alice Becker – May

Informatica – Roberto and Clive

Natterbox – Charles

Conga – Shelley and Cheryl

SqwarePeg – Shawn Stillwell

Skedulo – Matt Fairhurst

ExactTarget – Derek Laney

Salesforce – Katy Dormer and the team

And last but not least; The Team at Talentforce. It’s not an easy task running a monthly event and to repeatedly deliver fresh content to the group. This would not be possible without these guys and I would like to thank them for their help this year and their help with tonight.

Written By:

Lee-Martin Seymour