New Beginnings – Getting Experience with no Experience to Offer

November 13, 2015 Uncategorized

It has been a busy quarter!

Since the start of the new financial year Talentforce hosted the Data Analytics awareness week, which included a special Salesforce Wave presentation.Talentforce Academy has completed three successful ADM 201 training courses. The Sydney Salesforce User Group streamed live from San Francisco a sneak peek of the upcoming Salesforce UI upgrade at the Dendy Theatre in Circular Quay to over 200 people. And to top it all off, DreamForce 2015!

The Salesforce ecosystem is buzzing! I’m speaking with more people than ever interested in pursuing a career in Salesforce with limited to no experience at all. Recently, I assisted two fantastic people secure amazing opportunities within the Sydney Salesforce community. Both came from completely different industries with limited exposure to anything CRM related. So, why uproot your career for Salesforce and how did they make the transition?

All signs point towards the next technological revolution, the “cloud”. I won’t rattle on here as I emphasized this in a previous article “Salesforce Administration and Riding the Opportunity Wave”. Salesforce is one of the earliest pioneers of cloud technology and they are doing a fantastic job leading the charge. According to over 100,000 companies around the world are using their CRM platform. Having access to data anytime and anywhere is a huge winning factor for many end users. Those that can see the advantages of the cloud revolution are willing to turn their careers completely around.

The age-old paradox of getting experience with no experience to offer is the most frustrating hurdle but there are plenty of options to explore and consider. First and most important is networking. It is very important to reach out and start speaking with those in the know. Networking events, LinkedIn and online communities are great starting points. Salesforce hosts numerous events throughout the year – such as the Salesforce Advantage Tour running currently – and Salesforce partners bring local communities together on a regular basis with events like the Salesforce User Groups.  Networking is the key! Introducing you to employers and subject matter experts. While putting yourself “out there” opportunities start to present themselves. Volunteer, short contracts, pro-bono, part-time and other similar positions become available. They may not be glamorous but they are essential building blocks that will slowly open more doors. The right recruiter is another good option, someone who can put you in front of the right people. Having someone advocate on your behalf can make finding suitable positions much easier.

Your network can quickly grow with tools like LinkedIn. It is important to highlight the direction of your career with a clear objective and searchable key terms like SFDC,, SalesforceCRM etc. Online communities are also a great way to be noticed and get support. Salesforce offers the Success Community where one can share and discuss anything Salesforce related. This is another opportunity to reach out to more subject matter experts and others with a similar interest. Finally, classroom training and certification is becoming essential. Salesforce offers in-house training courses or you can attend courses delivered by Salesforce University partners. Getting your certification demonstrates to the Salesforce community that you’re dedicated and able to solidify your knowledge.

Earlier I mentioned two new Salesforce professionals that were faced with the daunting task of acquiring Salesforce experience with none to offer. I’m happy to say that they followed all of the above. It was not easy and it did not happen overnight. They were able to make time in their busy schedules to pick up volunteer work and out-of-hour contracts. They made it out to all of the hosted Salesforce events and they are actively involved in the Success Community. They are dedicated members of the Sydney Salesforce User Group and have completed formal Salesforce training. Opportunity is out there and classic hurdles can be overcome. Through consistency and hard work you too can become a Salesforce professional. There is a skill shortage across the APAC Salesforce ecosystem and demand is extremely high. If you’re keen to learn more about the Sydney Salesforce User Group, Success Community, Salesforce training or to simply discuss the Salesforce ecosystem feel free to reach out!