On the Cloud to Recovery

February 22, 2016 Uncategorized

We all turn to technology to make our lives easier.  With each scientific and technological advancement, we tend to become more efficient in our everyday lives. Medical procedures, environmental science, computer science, etc. continue to change the world around us. These advancements are increasing our life expectancy, improving fragile global ecosystems and simplifying long and complex processes. Advancements in cloud technology is no exception. CRM platforms like Salesforce are challenging traditional office fundamentals. I have mentioned in previous articles that Salesforce allows employees to work from home, around the world and on the go. As long as you have a powerful mobile and laptop with Internet access, you can be just as productive outside the traditional office. There is one other huge advantage to having the flexibility to work outside the office that I recently discovered through an unfortunate event.


I was in a minor motorcycle accident about a week ago. Sure I could spin you a story about how I recreated one of Evel Knievel’s jumps but I’m not good at that sort of thing. Long story short I slipped on some loose gravel through a turn. I pinned my ankle and broke the base of my fibula. This event instantly changed the way I lived my life and I’m very thankful it will only be temporary. Nonetheless it got me thinking. Simple tasks like commuting to work, climbing stairs and even ascending a hill with crutches became a real task. The recovery time that would be required to properly heal my ankle and the unexpected follow up surgery really threw a spanner into my professional and personal life. With this sudden life-changing event it was comforting to know that I could maintain some control in my day-to-day life.


First I need to thank my MD and colleagues for their support. After my surgery and a few days of recovery I was able to get things back on track. Thanks to our non-traditional office I was able to avoid the backlog of emails and voice messages that we all dread after an illness or holiday. My home office became my sanctuary. Salesforce has allowed me to automate time-consuming tasks like email templates, triggers, workflows and auto responses. Having full access to our database allows me to follow up with key points of contact while reviewing all necessary information in one spot. I’m able to log important phone calls on my mobile or through my laptop to share with my colleagues. Through shared calendars and documents I’m still able to effectively contribute and collaborate.


When you stop to think about it cloud technology can really improve a complicated and stressful situation. Without the flexibility to work from home effectively I would need to work with Human Resources on a return to work schedule, I would need to unload my responsibilities and deal with employee compensation claims. Now I’m not saying that all of this is avoidable but I would like to point out that the option to work from home in relation to an injury didn’t really exist 5 to 7 years ago.  I’m confident that as time goes on more and more options will become available. Perhaps more doors will open for those with severe disabilities. Repetitive tasks will be automated, custom applications will be developed to make our lives easier and globalization will continue to bring us closer together. It’s still important that we personally interact with others and the world around us but at the same time when life takes an unexpected turn it’s nice to know we can still play an active role within our business.


If you’re keen to explore cloud technology here in Sydney then get involved in the Sydney Salesforce User Group. Feel free to reach out and connect with me as well. I’m always happy to network with other cloud evangelists.